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Youyuan International produce double-sided and single-sided MF tissue paper, both of which are wrapping tissue paper. Wrapping tissue paper is a thin, translucent paper with a basis weight of less than 40g/m2 and primarily used for wrapping and cushioning goods. Both our double-sided and single-sided MF tissue paper are commonly used to wrap clothing, footwear, fruit and other consumer products. They may also be used to wrap delicate merchandise in folded or crumpled layers to protect the merchandise before being placed into bags or boxes. Our wrapping tissue paper is marketed under our "Youlanfa" brand and is offered in various sizes according to customer specifications.  
Double-sided MF tissue paper

Semi-transparent paper

Double-sided MF tissue paper usually has a basis weight of 17 g/m2. The manufacturing process involves calendaring between highly-polished rollers which squeeze and polish both sides of the paper. We have also developed semi-transparent paper in white and red colour as a special type of double-sided MF tissue paper primarily for packaging fruit and firecrackers.

Food Wrapping Paper

Food wrapping paper is a type of semi-transparent paper with higher hygienic requirements, usually has a basis weight between 24 g/m2 and 28 g/m2.

Single-sided MF tissue paper

Single-sided MF tissue paper usually has a basis weight of 14 g/m2. Unlike double-sided MF tissue paper, it has a smooth glazed side and a rough back side. We plan to launch coloured single-sided MF tissue paper by the end of 2010.